Andromeda Galaxy II

After being blown away by my first attempt at the Andromeda Galaxy, I couldn’t help having another go with the improved barn door tracker, this time using longer exposures of 80 seconds, and a lower iso of 800. The resulting image has a lot more detail and much less noise than the original, despite being … Continue reading Andromeda Galaxy II

Andromeda Galaxy

First attempt at imaging the Andromeda galaxy with the new Nikkor 180mm f2.8 ED Ai-s lens. I was able to grab just 2.5 minutes of exposure time before the clouds rolled in, but the resulting image┬ástacked in Deep Sky Stacker blew me away! The lens is incredible. It can be shot wide open at f2.8 … Continue reading Andromeda Galaxy

Perseid meteors & Andromeda

It’s been many years since we last had clear skies for the peak night of the Perseid Meteor shower. Thankfully that run came to an end last night, when skies were as clear as the come around these parts. Making use of the D7000’s ability to take a long series photos automatically, I set it … Continue reading Perseid meteors & Andromeda

Comet PANSTARRS & Andromeda

At the mercy of the weather for the last couple of weeks, I finally managed to grab a shot of comet PANSTARRS C/2011 L4 with a clear sky. Luckily for me, the clear night coincided with the comet gliding past the Andromeda galaxy. Still quite low on the horizon, it was only just visible to … Continue reading Comet PANSTARRS & Andromeda

Greatest Hits

With over 50 posts published on the site, some of the best ones can get lost in the archives. Below is a list of greatest hits: the top five astro photos as ranked by page views. They also happen to be five of the best! All five images were taken with a regular Nikon D7000, … Continue reading Greatest Hits