Orion’s Sword

Orion nebula M42 taken with Nikon DSLR and Tamron 400mm lens

Three hand a half hours of imaging of the Great Orion nebula (M42) over three nights. One of the brightest nebulae in the night sky is bright enough to shine through the glare of the city lights.

Given the level of light pollution and lack of any light pollution filter, I’m really happy with the final image. I plan on imaging the Orion Nebula once again, early in the new year. Next time will be from a dark sky location in the North York Moors with a full frame D750 and 600mm lens. Hopefully that will help me pull out much more of the dark dust in the surrounding space.

Image details: Modified Nikon D5500Tamron-100-400mm-f4.5-6.3 @ 400mm/f6.3. Total of 3 hours 26 minutes exposure time (146 x 60 seconds plus 30 x 120 seconds) at iso 800 . Tracked with unguided AstroTrac TT320X-AG. Stacked with Deep Sky Stacker. Edited with Photoshop and Starnet++

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