The current solar maximum is on track to become the weakest in over 100 years. That is pretty disappointing news (and slightly worrisome!) if you’re a fan of auroras, solar flares and sunspots. But despite the low activity, I have put the bargain £12 sigma and 2x tele-converter to use with some solar shots. Here are a couple which make use of the ND filter and the £3 Hoya 80B filter. The lens and converter combo is surprisingly sharp when stopped down to f8.


I had to wait patiently for a few days to get this shot of a passenger jet transiting the sun. It’s always been a mini aim of mine as it really adds some scale and drama to the shot.


DetailsNikon D7000Sigma 75-200mm/f3.8 (at 400mm with 2x converter) with Hoya ND400 filter. 1/8000’s at iso 100.

sunspots suns limb


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