Sagittarius from menorca

Sagittarius from Menorca

A recent trip to the Spanish island of Menorca gave me an chance to see Sagittarius at the heart of the Milky Way, a rich region of sky not easily seen from the UK. Despite a full moon, and Sagittarius hanging low above the Mediterranean, on the final day I couldn’t resist...
Cygnus with didymium (red enhancing) filter north american nebula, pelecan nebula, butterfly nebula

Cygnus nebulae

This is easily the best astro shot I’ve managed to date. Taken using a combination of the cross filter and the new didymium / red enhancing filter which really draws out the nebulosity in Cygnus. The North America nebula, Pelican nebula and Butterfly nebula can all be seen...
M13 Globular Cluster in Hercules

Testing out the barn door tracker

Looking to test the newly improved ‘barn door’ tracker to its limit, I dusted off my old Sigma 75-200mm/f3.8 with 2x tele-converter. But with a hefty 600mm 35mm equivalent focal length, I was prepared for the worst. After less than a minute of polar alignment, and...